Hamid Talebzadeh

Hamid Talebzadeh

Hamid Talebzadeh

Hamid Talebzadeh was born in April 1976 in Tehran, Iran where he spent his entire childhood. His parents were originally from Azerbaijan-Iran.

Hamid started singing at age 7. At age 14, he entered a new era of his singing skills and followed his passion and love about signing and music more seriously as of winter 1998. Hamid released his first album “Neday e Eshgh – The voice of love” in 1998 and his second album “Chekar Konam – What should I do” was released almost 2 years later. Both albums were well received by all listeners in Iran and outside of Iran. The highlight of Hamid’s fame was when he released his hit song “Hame Chi Aroomeh”. Despite what many of us think, Hamid has released over 40 songs throughout his music career. Below there is a list of some of his songs in recent years:

• Mikham bavar koni
• Negaran Man nabash
• Ageh Ye Ashegh
• Khialam Rahateh
• Nagoo Mashghaleh Daram
• Bakhshesh
• Emshab
• Chel Cheragh
• Melina
• Parishoonoom
• Aroom Aroom
• To Kenarami
• Pa Ghadam
• Faghat khodet to ro eshgheh
• Eshghe barfi

In 2012, Hamid migrated to the USA with his family to continue his career in music and singing. He has performed at several successful concerts in the USA and Canada. He has been a strong advocate for all artists, musicians and any charity activities. In addition to singing, Hamid has also completed his academic education and has a Mechanical Engineering degree from Iran. We look forward to seeing him at more events for years to come.